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Back when I hadn’t learnt the ins and outs of online marketing, I was trying to sell a web app I had poured my heart and soul into making. Unfortunately, I was struggling with how to reach more people, and getting increasingly scared and frustrated at my lack of progress.

Three months into hiring an expensive advertising and PR agency, the bottom fell out from under me; nobody was buying my app and I was in debt. This meant I couldn’t keep the company going and would have to lay off our one employee and go find a real job again.

As you can imagine, I was extremely disappointed, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of using the Internet to sell my product and really help people make a difference in their lives.

Then I discovered Facebook Ads. At that point, everything changed!

I discovered how to:

  •   Define who my product was for and find them on Facebook
  •   Set up and run ads to put my product in front of thousands of potential customers
  •   Make sales profitable (with a lot less stress)

Because I discovered Facebook Ads, I was able to:

  •   Get the web app into the hands of more people
  •   Massively increase our income and grow our business and team
  •   Spread our message and make a huge difference in people’s lives

Fast forward to today, and I’m living my dream. Not only can I use the Internet to sell my product, I can help people make a difference in their lives with the ease it provides. Also, I never have to worry about struggling to sell a brand new product ever again.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the “Creating your first Facebook Ad” Course. Now, you can harness the power of the internet for your company and touch numerous lives in the process.


I co-founded my first company, Impulse App, soon after receiving my Masters from Syracuse University. That company failed.

I then joined an agency and worked with Corporates like Coca Cola, P&G, and set up and run the Digital department for Nestle in Central and West Africa (23 countries). Got bored and founded another startup that was extremely successful.

Looking for a new challenge, I moved to Asia and run crowdfunding campaigns for brands like Orii.io, Ares Backpack, Foci.ai as well as helping over 1000 startups get into distribution channels. Then I joined a media company and got even more insight into the journeys of startups and their founders. Now I run my own digital agency (knowsdigital.com) and work with small business owners who have embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and want to take their businesses further.

I have a bachelor's degree from Dickinson College and a Masters from Syracuse University. When not working (which is rarely) I enjoy traveling, exploring Hong Kong, and raising my dog.

But most importantly I’m like you. I had a dream and wanted more from life and I bet on myself. The great thing is you can do. And it doesn’t require more than you just showing up.

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