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Lesson 1

What is a side hustle?

Getting paid for work you do on the side is very valuable to your professional development. It is essentially as if you started your own business, except your costs are little to none, and there is pretty much no risk.

Reginald Addae (CEO & Founder)


A side hustle, like consulting is when you exchange a particular skill set or know how you possess for money.

YOU show someone how to do something. THEY pay you money in exchange

This simple exchange is often the start to most business people’s lives.

  • YOU provide service. They pay you money
  • And consulting can take many forms:
  • You give advice on a problem they’re having. They pay you money.
  • You provide information on how to do something. They pay you money.
  • You guide them through something they’re not sure of. They pay you money.
  • You tell them how to do something faster & more efficiently. They pay you money.
  • You get the point…..

Consulting is just a simple exchange of knowledge and money.


Here are some examples of side hustles (you will notice the difference in remuneration for some of these different services):

A huge company is installing a new software system across all their branches.

  • They want YOU to oversee the process.
  • They will PAY $50,000 to hang around for 3 months and fix bugs.

Someone is having marital trouble.

  • They want YOU to listen and give them advice on what to do.
  • They will PAY $60/hour to listen and give advice.

Someone is trying to make sure people can find their website when they search for it.

  • They want YOU to do it for them.
  • They will PAY $2,000/month for the next 3 months, plus an additional $3,000 bonus if you are able to get them to the top of Google.

Someone needs help training their staff how to use their new website.

  • They want YOU to teach them.
  • They will PAY $20/hour to train the staff.


Side Hustle Jobs don’t have to be different to get different prices. Some side hustle jobs can be the exact same service, but will be priced differently based on a number of factors. Those who can get the highest rate will have some advantage:

  • They always secure amazing results ✅
  • Length of experience ✅
  • Previously worked with well-known clients ✅
  • Know who to sell to that will pay the most money ✅
  • Know how to offer the service in a way that will fetch the highest price ✅

Now we know what a side hustle is, the next step is understanding WHY you should do it.