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Set up and Launch

Lesson 1

Introduction to UPSYD

When I first started running ads on Facebook, I would get frustrated. I would create these beautiful ads, drive traffic to my landing page, but nothing would happen. I was not getting any conversions and I didn’t understand why. The offer was good. The product was good. The pricing was competitive. Why were there no conversions? Frustrated I texted my buddy to go out for a drink wanting to unload. We were at the bar when he met a girl and fell head over heels. He bought her a drink, went up to say hi, 5 minutes later he was sitting next to me and she had disappeared. 

Dumbfounded he explained to me that he had said hi, and begun to explain his feelings for her and that he wanted her to be his wife. He said she freaked out and ran. I burst out laughing, but then it hit me. That’s what I was doing with my ads. I was targeting people who didn’t know me and saying “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s a ring, let’s get married.” I was skipping the whole dating part… and that’s where UPSYD came into play.

Unaware – The customer does not know about you or whatever your thing is; it’s not on their radar

Product Aware – The customer has an idea about their issue but no sense how to resolve it

Solution Aware – The customer knows how to resolve their issue but not necessarily about you

Your Product Aware – The customer knows about you but isn’t sure if you are right for them

Deal – The customer knows about you and just needs to know about the deal to purchase

With this in mind you realize that when running Facebook Ads, you have to approach it the same way you approach dating. You have the first meeting or introduction with people who are unaware of your product. You date for a while and finally pop the question as they become aware of your product and what you stand for. Finally, you are married, but you have to keep that marriage alive and remind them why they married you, with those who have already purchased from you. Using the same ad to talk to all these people won’t work.