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You can build the best campaign in the world, but if you put it in front of the wrong people, it will fail. This course shows you how to target for your campaign to ensure that you direct your message to the right people and maximize your chance of conversions.

In this course you will learn:

  • The different targeting options on Facebook
  • How to find your ideal customer
  • How to create your targeting for Cold Traffic
  • How to use Audience Insights to test the viability of your audience

You also get 2 bonus lessons on:

  • General targeting tips
  • B2B targeting tips


I co-founded my first company, Impulse App, soon after receiving my Masters from Syracuse University. That company failed.

I then joined an agency and worked with Corporates like Coca Cola, P&G, and set up and run the Digital department for Nestle in Central and West Africa (23 countries). Got bored and founded another startup that was extremely successful.

Looking for a new challenge, I moved to Asia and run crowdfunding campaigns for brands like Orii.io, Ares Backpack, Foci.ai as well as helping over 1000 startups get into distribution channels. Then I joined a media company and got even more insight into the journeys of startups and their founders. Now I run my own digital agency (knowsdigital.com) and work with small business owners who have embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and want to take their businesses further.

I have a bachelor's degree from Dickinson College and a Masters from Syracuse University. When not working (which is rarely) I enjoy traveling, exploring Hong Kong, and raising my dog.

But most importantly I’m like you. I had a dream and wanted more from life and I bet on myself. The great thing is you can do. And it doesn’t require more than you just showing up.

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